Market Forecast Intelligencebase - development

The Intelligencebase gives our customers access to their purchased studies. Currently, the full studies in pdf-format, but we are developing this online platform to an interactive tool that will be directly linked to our study development platform Knowledgebase (see also Market forecast approach). Studies will be stiil be available in full (downloadable, printable), but also in separate elements so that the user can directly access their area of interest. In addition, we will develop cross market modules that will cover all topics, like the Country Insights, TechScan, Critical Raw Materials, etc. (left menu). A preview of the Intelligencebase:

On the topic page is the Full Study still available and will be followed bij the Forecast, Competitor Analysis, Products, Market Maps, etc. The Market Maps wil visualize how the companies are placed in the market segments. The Country Analysis includes Key players, Inventory and Programs (as also shown above on the topic page).

For the cross market modules we are currently developing a Critical Raw Materials (CRM) module with CRM lists per region/country, global production values, extracting/producing countries, and applications. The Techscan module will provide information and mapping of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of technologies that are relevant for the Defence and Aerospace market. In the topics the CRMs and TRLs will be linked to the Products. The Products in the cross market modules will provide all products related to the studies you have access to. The Cross Market Views shows market volumes and growth rates for the topics and categories.

The Intelligencebase will be a platform where you can access technology and market information on Defence and Aerospace topics in multiple formats for efficient and effective strategy and business development.