Customer Specific Intelligence Studies

Important business decisions require a sound basis. Market Forecast supports you with thorough market intelligence in the defense, space, aviation, and aerospace field. Our methods and experience will provide you with structured information based on robust data to be used for decision making. We can either cover a specific topics along the lines of our syndicated studies or fulfill your specific market research requirement, like for example a Market Entry Study, a Technology Assessment or a Market Monitoring service.

Common study elements used in our studies are:

  • Qualitative analysis of the market in terms of technology, research areas, and new developments
  • Comparative product analysis.
  • Market Analysis, including Forecast factors, Porter’s 5-forces analysis, and a macro environment analysis
  • Market Forecasts (Quantative) for both the market as a whole and split into segments, like region, end-use, technology, etc.
  • Events based scenario analysis
  • Analysis of relevant companies in the market
  • Competitor profiling and potential strategies
  • Technology roadmapping

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