Global Military Fixed-Wing Aircraft - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027

Market forecasts by Region, Platform, and Propulsion type. Country analysis, Current Market Overview, Opportunity analysis, and Leading Company profiles

The advanced functionalities of the modern air platforms, which include sophisticated weapons carriage & delivery systems, advanced radar and communication systems and powerful engines have helped them transform to an unfathomable force in a conflict. The modern-day conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven the importance of advanced fixed wing air platforms. During the Gulf War I, the air platforms were the first US asset to enter the enemy territory. UAVs are replacing the manned air platforms in a few missions like surveillance, however, the lack of autonomy to fire any weapon has acted as a key driver to this market. The key missions of air platforms include precision target neutralization, troop transportation, ISTAR mission and special mission like refueling and other training missions.

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