Global Artillery and Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027

Market forecasts by Region, by Platform, and by Component. Country analysis, Market Overview, Opportunity Analysis, and Leading Companies

The key function of artillery platforms is to provide support fire for the forces, the key performance parameters are: mobility, range, accuracy and loading. The advancements in material sciences have helped use of metals like Titanium, which in turn reduced the overall weight of the platform. The range of the platform is increased by increased powder pressure, increasing the length of the gun and improving the aerodynamics of the projectile.

The use of rocket propelled projectiles has been successful in increasing the range by 30% to 40% in case of M777 Howitzer. Precision Guided Munition like the Excalibur can help in increasing the range and the accuracy, the M777 Howitzer can strike a target at a range of 40 Km, with a CEP of 5 meters, when fired from 155 mm/ L39 weapon. The other platform changes include the installation of Fire Control Systems (FCS) to improve accuracy. The auto loaders have helped in doubling the rate of fire to 6-10 rounds per minute.

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