Global Anti-Tank Guided Missile Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2028

Market forecasts by Region, Operation, Mount, and by Platform. Country and Opportunity Analysis, Current Market Overview, and Leading Company Profiles

The Anti- Tank Missile Systems were traditionally used against Main Battle Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), the deployment of these were in open field There has been a constant struggle of supremacy between the Armor Technology and the Missile Technology. The armor technology grew from thick plates and RHAs to composite based armor. Similarly, the missile heads moved from traditional to HEAT and accuracy also improved due to the use of advanced technologies. These advancements gave capabilities to strike the armored vehicle from above, where the armor was the least. The modern armor technology has moved from passive to active, also called Active Protection Systems (APS). These APS are advanced technology systems, and these are poising a serios challenge to the effectiveness of ATGM Systems.

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