Global Remotely Operated Weapon Stations - Market and Technology Forecast to 2026

Market forecasts by Regions, by Military Application, and by End-Use. Market/Technologies Overview, and Leading Companies

Remotely Operated Weapon Stations have been in use for almost two decades but their use has been spreading all over the world, after they were proven times and times again in theaters of operations all over the world.

The global ROWS market offers great opportunities and a high competition. It is valued at US$ 1,682 million in 2018 and grows at a CAGR of 8.7% to 2026.
The US Armed Forces have been at the forefront of ROWS induction into its force structure. More than 18,000 units have been procured so far and additional ones are due to be delivered in the coming years.
The advantages they offer are significant and involve both operational requirements as well as issues related to ethics and the political means served by a conflict. These are leading an increasing number of countries to integrate ROWS into their land and naval platforms. The air platforms domain is expected to project important barriers in the introduction of the remotely operated weapon stations.

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Lead Analyst : Mr. Stelios Kanavakis

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