Howitzer systems market to be worth up to US$72.1 billion by 2032

Amsterdam, NL - April 22, 2024 -

Even though military technology has advanced significantly in areas such as cybersecurity, unmanned systems and telecommunications, among several other ones, boots on the ground are the determining factor for victory and the need to support them by artillery fires remains unchanged as a critical factor. Just like during the two world wars, the shift to near-peer or peer-to-peer conflicts, such as the one taking place in Ukraine, show that artillery systems are key for the outcome of operations.

As we currently observe, the tempo of this kind of operations will be high. That translates into high volumes of ammunition consumed and increased losses of lives and equipment. The industry is trying to increase production of ammunition and equipment to cover the gaps created after the donation or sale of equipment and ammunition to Ukraine, and for the continuation of the support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The howitzer market is better consolidated as opposed to other segments (e.g. ammunition), with limited companies producing howitzers in every region. During the Cold War the US dominated the market with its howitzers being used by most of the countries of the western world. However, that gradually changed with local companies expanding their market share making it more competitive compared to a few decades ago.

A study from Market Forecast Amsterdam shows that the global howitzer systems market is projected to grow with a 10.1% CAGR throughout the 2024-2032 period, to reach a total volume of US$72.1 billion over this period. Based on data collected for all the inventories and future, stated or derived opportunities, the "Howitzers Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2032" study provides the reader with:

  • Market sizing for all types of howitzers in the 2024-2032 period.
  • Market share per region.
  • Current and future technologies.
  • Major contracts and opportunities for the future.
  • Outlining of the trends, drivers and inhibitors impacting the market.
  • Mapping of the supply chain.
  • Company profiles for leading companies with SWOT analysis.
Lithuanian Pzh2000

Lithuanian Pzh2000

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