About Market Forecast

Market Forecast is specialised in market intelligence studies, including scenario building, and technology and industry analysis, for Defence, Space, Aviation, and Aerospace institutes and businesses. We support our clients with custom market research and publish 25 to 30 intelligence studies each year that are available as single reports or as subscription to all. Expert study areas are: Unmanned Systems, Space, (Smart) Weapons, Cyber Defence, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Wearable Technologies, Helicopters, Aerospace, Aviation, ISR, Satellite Communications, and Defence Budget Analysis.

We combine the market and analytical skills of our analysts with ongoing development of new data collection methods and analysis technology to offer market research that is cost-effective, of high quality, up to date, and directly available.

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Our market intelligence studies display opportunities to expand in existing markets or to develop new markets and support you in developing your market strategy.

Intelligence Studies - Market Analysis, Technologies and developments, company analysis, market overview, market forecast, country analysis

We provide valuable market intelligence to governments and industries around the world and are proud to have built up a good relationship with an extensive list of institutes, Fortune 500 companies, and other market leaders.

Market Forecast is a brand of the privately owned company ASD Media BV and is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in Europe. We have a small but highly educated and international staff supported by subject matter experts, and a management team that consists of the company founders. The company exists for over ten years and has extensive experience in market research, computer modelling, and online products.

ASD Media’s roots are in the Aerospace and Defence markets. In 2001 we started with the Aerospace and Defence Network (www.asd-network.com). The website had a network/portal function and contained news, source (company) data, and later on also events and reports information related to these markets.

For 2022 we have selected twenty five new topics for syndicated intelligence studies.
Each study will have four licence options. If you have specific requirements, please let us know and we will offer you a custom market intelligence study.

Market Forecast Intelligence Studies

“New technology in combination with solid analysts expertise forms market intelligence that creates your competitive advantage"