Sustainable Military Mission Systems can boost security

Amsterdam, NL - March 05, 2024 -

Sustainable energy for the military’s mission systems is the use of renewable and efficient sources of power to reduce the environmental impact and operational costs of military operations, as well as to enhance the security and performance of military forces. Climate change poses significant risks to the military assets, missions, and regions of interest of the armed forces, and requires them to adapt and respond to new threats and scenarios. At the same time, sustainable energy can offer operational advantages, such as increased energy independence, resilience, and efficiency, as well as reduced logistics and maintenance burdens.

The ongoing wars in Ukraine and the Middle East pose serious threats to the security and stability of NATO member states and their allies. These conflicts also expose the vulnerability of NATO’s military forces, which depend heavily on fossil fuels for their operations. Fossil fuels are not only a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, but also a potential target for adversaries who seek to disrupt NATO’s supply lines and energy infrastructure. Moreover, fossil fuels are subject to price fluctuations and geopolitical uncertainties, which can affect NATO’s budget and readiness. Therefore, NATO member states should explore sustainable energy solutions for their military’s mission system, such as renewable and efficient sources of power, smart energy management, and low-carbon fuels. These solutions can enhance NATO’s resilience, autonomy, and performance, while also reducing its environmental impact and operational costs. By investing in sustainable energy, NATO can demonstrate its commitment to the Paris Agreement and its leadership in tackling climate change, one of the defining challenges of our times.

Amsterdam based Market Forecast, a leading provider of market intelligence and analysis for the defence and aerospace sectors, has published a new study titled “Sustainable Energy Solutions for Military Mission System - Market and Technology Forecast to 2032”. The study provides a comprehensive overview of the current and future trends, drivers, challenges, and opportunities in the field of sustainable energy for military mission systems. The study is intended for decision-makers, investors, industry professionals, researchers, and anyone who is interested in the sustainable energy for military mission system market. It provides valuable insights and data that can help the readers to understand the current and future state of the market, as well as to identify and seize the opportunities in this emerging and dynamic field.

Image Source: NATO

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