Network Centric, Cloud-based Joint Command and Control is the Future

Amsterdam, NL - May 02, 2023 -

Governments and defence organizations around the world are investing heavily in C2 technologies, with a focus on improving interoperability and enhancing the capabilities of existing systems. This has led to partnerships between defence companies and technology providers, as well as collaborations between countries to develop common C2 systems.

Developments in cloud-based and network-centric joint C2 systems will drive the future course of commands at all levels. Modernization efforts are the key reason for this change. Increased sensor data from various access points rely in the growth of data processing.

To facilitate integration with other technologies and systems, there is a trend towards open architectures in C2 technologies. This allows for greater flexibility in system design and enables more rapid prototyping and development.

The upcoming study from Market Forecast "Military Command and Control - and Market and Technology 2031" will uncover development strategies of leading military forces regarding Military Command and Control technologies. The report uncovers procurement plans for Military Command and Control programmes of leading military forces worldwide. Furthermore, it provides the dynamics of the software business and the challenges faced by military agencies in implementing cloud-based, modular, open network-centric C2 systems.

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