Military Cyber Weapons industry US$ 11 billion in 2019

Amsterdam, NL - June 19, 2019 -

Gone are the days where battles are fought in person-to-person conflicts. In the coming years, most wars will be waged via computers, servers, and digital weapons. Amsterdam based Market Forecast has announced the release of their latest report titled – “Global Military Cyber Weapons - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027”. It encloses an in-depth research of the Military Cyber Weapon market and the competitive landscape globally. A first of its kind report highlights how cyber weapons like zero-day exploits, malware and DDoS will be used by the military around the world. Countries like Russia and China appear well-equipped for this new way of war. The United States, while not totally outmatched, certainly has room for growth. 

The Military Cyber Weapon industry is emerging as one of the most lucrative market globally. The Global Military Cyber Weapon industry, is valued at US$ 11 billion in 2019, is projected grow at a CAGR of 5.4% until 2027. Demand for military cyber weapons is anticipated to be driven by the massive investment made by countries like US, China and the European Union in the development of next generation cyber weapon technologies and the large-scale procurement of such systems by countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar and China. The United States is the largest spender in the domain with China, European Union, Middle East anticipated accounting for the bulk of spending.
Key Topics Covered
  • Overview : Snapshot of the various Global Military Cyber Weapons market during 2019-2027, including highlights of the demand drivers, trends and challenges. It also provides a snapshot of the spending with respect to regions as well as segments. It also sheds light on the emergence on new technologies
  • Market Dynamics : Insights into the technological developments in this market and a detailed analysis of the changing preferences of governments around the world. It also analyzes changing industry structure trends and the challenges faced by the industry participants.
  • Segment Analysis : Insights into the various Systems market from a segmental perspective and a detailed analysis of factors influencing the market for each segment.
  • Regional Review : Insights into modernization patterns and budgetary allocation for top countries within a region.
Companies Mentioned In The Report
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • AeroVironment
  • BAE Systems
  • Boeing Co
  • Elbit Systems
  • Israel Aerospace Industries
  • Leonardo
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman Corp
  • Saab
  • AVAST         
  • Clear Water Compliance  
  • CynergisTek
  • Exodus Intelligence
  • Fire Eye       
  • MetricStream           
  • Netragard    
  • Nettitude      
  • Telus Security Labs           
  • VSR  
  • Zerodium

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