Militaries and First Responders Eager to Adopt Wearable Technologies

Amsterdam, NL - February 24, 2017 -

Militaries and first-responders are extremely eager to seek out and adopt wearable technologies. This should come as no surprise since these sectors typically execute the most critical aspects of their professions by walking and/or operating in a dismounted fashion in dangerous situations. Therefore, they must rely on whatever they can wear or carry with them. Developments that can protect, exchange/display data, provide power and enhance capabilities are at the fore-front of those technologies being sought by acquisition agencies with the Department of Defense and Depart of Homeland Security.

Exo-Skeletons are a good example of the increasing demand for wearable technologies. Over the coming decade, the exo-skeletons market alone is forecasted to reach a cumulative $1.2 billion, with a CAGR of 72%.

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