Global Military Avionics Market worth USD 57 billion by 2030

Amsterdam, NL - July 25, 2023 -

A market at the curb of innovation, thereby offering great opportunities, the global military avionics market is projected to grow to US$57 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 4.99% from 2022 to 2030.

Military Avionics is a market that has recently experienced developments and shift towards next generation technologies, thereby offering great opportunities to the companies or countries, that decide to enter with innovative solutions, which can be integrated on platforms of next generation.

Data driven mission systems, and next generation military communications will revolutionize the way military aircraft operate. The significance of such systems is understood in conjunction to the needs they can cover. Military avionics sub systems enable superiority in electronic aerial warfare, and to reduce human error during tense battle environments.

Military avionics will allow armed services to reduce the load on pilots and remove them from harm’s way by improving their situational awareness. The systems will enable operations in high threat areas without committing or risking large and expensive platforms. When combined with UAVs and AEW&Cs they will fill-in the gaps that would otherwise be too risky or too expensive to do assume, thus offering a crucial operational advantage against low-intensity or peer-to-peer threats. The manned unmanned teaming due to avionics will protect war fighters and create a better visual for the pilots to operate in battle conditions. For all these reasons the use of military avionics will bring a revolution in military affairs and change the way battlefields are managed.

Market Forecast’s study “Military Avionics – Market and Technology to 2030” provides a detailed analysis of the military avionics market, focusing on the current and future technologies, the requirements and the opportunities of a market worth in excess of US$57 billion over the forecasted period.

The “Military Avionics – Market and Technology to 2030” study is an important tool for those that want to enter the market and position themselves against the competition at this early stage. It is also a must for business developers that want to gain an insight of the upcoming technologies, the defence budgets and spending patterns around the world.

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Military Avionics - Market and Technology Forecast to 2030

Military Avionics - Market and Technology Forecast to 2030

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