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Amsterdam, NL - July 19, 2019 -

The technology advancements in the Defense sector have replaced traditional platforms and warfare techniques, however in case of artillery platforms the technology advancements have been complementing this market. The modern conflicts like the Ukraine Crisis, Syrian Conflict, Middle East Conflicts, Sri Lankan War and the Kargil War have all made extensive use of artillery platforms. The Syrian conflict witnessed around 35,000 rounds during five-month period on ISIS targets. Around 730 Howitzers were used for operation Desert Storm, these fired more than 60,000 artillery rounds across the entire operation.
The report titled “Global Artillery and Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027” cover trends across the Towed Artillery, Self-Propelled Artillery, Multiple Launch Rocket System and Others, which include other self-propelled platforms. The towed and self-propelled artillery are expected to account to more than 80% of the total market.
The major challenge in the Artillery market was the rate of accuracy., these are measured in terms of CEP. However, the modern guidance systems have increased the probability of neutralizing the targets by 50%-60% in the first round. These have thereby resulted in reducing cost and time. The precision guidance kits (PGK) are used to convert traditional munition to precision munition. In case of a 152 mm, the target is neutralized three to five times faster using a precision guided munition. The EU is exploring the possibility of a common PGK across munitions.
The technology analysis chapter has been segmented into Platforms, Munitions, Power Source and Material Sciences. The technology innovations in each of these sub sections have been covered in detailed, in case of munition, the breakthrough technology is expected to be the HRG (Hemispherical Reonator Gyro) Crystal. SAFRAN has used this technology on its Geonyx, which is expected to be installed on CEASAR 155 mm. The main advantage of this technology is its independence of GPS, this gives the strategic advantage against Electronic Jamming.
This report titled “Global Artillery and Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2027” is segmented based on region, platform and components. The components are segmented as Mobility Systems, Auxiliary Systems, Turret, Fire Control Systems, Armored Hull and Others. The regional segmentation covers North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Rest of the World.
The artillery and systems market is estimated at around USD 7.2 Billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to USD 9.8 Billion in 2027. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 3.6%. The cumulative market is expected to cross USD 76 Billion during the forecast period. The key driver in the North American market is expected to be the Paladin Integrated Management (PIM) Program. The other factors which are expected to drive the market during the forecast period are increased focus on speed and range, like the US PrSM program and the Chinese Magnetized Plasma Gun program.
The forecast period is 2019- 2027 and the total study period is 2017-2027. The report covers artillery and systems across Towed Artillery, Self- Propelled Artillery, MLRS and Other Self- Propelled Platforms. The sub segmentation also includes the market segmented by range and mobility (tracked and wheeled).
Reasons to Buy
  • The country analysis section includes a detailed analysis of top 13 countries, based on the artillery inventory. The country analysis also includes a detailed import export data of artillery platforms and the current inventory levels. This could be helpful for companies trying to understand the country level inventory segmentation of these countries.
  • The report would be useful for all tier of players across the artillery and systems market, it would help them understand the technology innovations in the sector and help them plan accordingly.
  • The report would help the top management of artillery & systems manufacturers to identify the top markets and focus their efforts in those specific markets.
  • The report would help investment bankers or any other investors who are considering investments into this sector.
  • The strategic planning teams of companies in this market could use this report from their medium- and long-term sales forecast and other activities like mergers and acquisitions.

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