Safran on Board the Airbus Defence and Space OneSat Satellite

March 25, 2022


Safran Electrical & Power, the world leader in aircraft electrical systems, and Airbus Defence and Space, the leader in aerospace products and services, have just signed an agreement to provide electrical cabling for the next-generation OneSat satellite.

OneSat is a satellite for telecommunications operators featuring next-generation electronics. It can be reconfigured in orbit so as to meet changing needs and cater to new scenarios.

Safran Electrical & Power will provide cabling for various OneSat satellite modules. This master agreement covers all of the planned OneSat satellites to be produced by Airbus Defence & Space over the next five years. Safran Electrical & Power will deliver the first electrical equipment in the first half of 2022. Airbus Defence and Space is planning to commission OneSat in 2023.

“We are proud to be sharing our expertise in cabling with Airbus Defence and Space for its OneSat satellite. This agreement is a real opportunity for Safran Electrical & Power on the space market. In addition to manufacturing the electrical cabling, we have been able to provide real added value by delivering optimization solutions and substituting components so as to bring down costs and shorten lead times. It has been a thrilling challenge for our teams!”, said Serge Pons, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Interconnection Systems Eurasia division for Safran Electrical & Power.

“The collaboration between Airbus Defence and Space and Safran Electrical & Power will be bolstered with this contract for OneSat electrical harnesses. The industrial excellence and expertise that Safran has demonstrated in aeronautical cabling is an asset for the OneSat program. This innovative and disruptive project on the geostationary telecommunications satellite market is designed to provide our clients with pioneering technology solutions via satellites that can be entirely reconfigured”, said Annika Mulder, Vice President for Structure, Materials & IT Commodity at Airbus Defence and Space.

Source : Safran S.A.

Safran on Board the Airbus Defence and Space OneSat Satellite