Safran Launches Explore H2 Program to Identify and Develop Hydrogen-focused Startups

June 23, 2022


Safran has launched its Explore H2 program to spot and support startups and forge cooperation for its hydrogen-related R&T and innovation projects. The first group of selected startups will focus on four areas: hydrogen flow control in propulsion systems, hydrogen state and temperature control, real-time systems monitoring, and aviation fuel cells.

Hydrogen offers an attractive solution for decarbonizing air transportation but presents certain technical challenges. Through its Explore H2 program, developed with French and German partners, Safran aims to work together with startups to mature technologies and turn hydrogen into a viable and technologically feasible solution that will help decarbonize aviation.

Startups will be selected through various challenges run by German startup accelerator TechFounders by UnternehmerTUM and by the European Commission’s European Innovation Council1. Successful contenders will receive support from the Starburst accelerator program, along with training from Safran University, plus assistance in the technical maturation phase from France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and CETIM in its own laboratories. This program could lead to the signing of cooperation agreements with the Group within a year.

“Opening up to outside innovation and the startup ecosystem is hugely enriching for Safran and allows us to share our aeronautical expertise so that together, through the Explore H2 program, we can turn hydrogen into a bold solution for the aviation industry of the future,” said Eric Dalbiès, Safran Senior Executive Vice President, Strategy, R&T and Innovation.

Source : Safran S.A.

Safran Launches Explore H2 Program to Identify and Develop Hydrogen-focused Startups