ISPI and Leonardo present a new Observatory on cyber security

July 04, 2018


A new Observatory on cyber security has been created by ISPI, the Italian study centre specialised in global geopolitical and political-economical analysis and Leonardo, a global player in Aerospace, Defence and Security and Italy’s main industrial company. The new project is aimed at analysing the dynamics taking place in the cybernetic space through debates and publications, with a focus on foreign and security policies and the role of national stakeholders, including those in the private sector.

The first conference, "Living with cyber risk", will take place on Friday 29th June at ISPI's Milan office. Giampiero Massolo, ISPI Chairman, Giorgio Mosca, Director of Competitive Analysis, Strategy and Technologies, Security and Information systems division, at Leonardo, Merle Maigre, Director of NATO Center of Excellence on Cooperative Cyber Defence, John Allen, Chairman of Brookings In-stitution, Marina Kaljurand, Chairman of the Global Commission on Cyberspace Stability will take part in the event.

The analysis will start from the observation that modern companies rely more and more on a secure, resilient and - at least in the Western side of the World - free internet. At the same time, the cybernetic space is not completely governed, it does not have clear lines of authority, criminals often use it, and it is a place where the strongest often win. The introduction of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, lethal autonomous weapons and robotics will lead to further transformation in this direction. It is therefore necessary to reflect on whether and how to accept a permanent state of conflict within the networks, coexisting with these existential threats to our security.

Leonardo has already worked together with ISPI on a study regarding "Armed conflicts in the cyber age". The next dossier the two organisations will produce together, which will cover cyber-crime and national security, will be published soon.

Source : Leonardo, A Finmeccanica Company

ISPI and Leonardo present a new Observatory on cyber security