Integrated Air & Missile Defense Conference

November 12, 2019


Multi-Domain Solutions for IAMD: Detection, Communication and Interception

In its fifth iteration, IAMD 2019 will provide key briefings from leading stake holders in the air and missile defense domain across defense organizations, industry and academia; creating a platform for shared thought leadership, knowledge exchange and leading for cooperation to advance IAMD capabilities for USA and its allies.

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IAMD 2019 brings a new perspective to the familiar program, and will focus on detection, communication, intelligence & multi-domain operation and interception. With that in mind, sessions will cover existing BMD, sensors, radars and deterrence systems, as well as addressing emerging threats and the future AI driven battlefield. Understanding the challenges and importance of cooperation as we operate in a multi-domain battle space, this year will bring together partners from local organizations as well as our close international allies.

The program brings together an audience comprised of 100+ Policy Makers, Chiefs of Staff, Operational Commanders, Heads of Acquisition, BMD/AMD Program Managers, engineers and Industry Executives from the U.S. and international partners shaping the present and future of Integrated Air & Missile Defense.

Join us this year to collaborate with industry experts and hear about recent trends, innovations and modernizations within the realm of integrated air and missile defense systems!

Why Attend?

  • Identify Priorities for Multi-Domain Operations in the Context of IAMD
  • Hear Joint IAMD Roadmaps for Development and Acquisition
  • Learn about Modernization Initiatives for near term SHORAD and GMD upgrades
  • Understand Development and Employment Priorities from Regional IAMD Partners
  • Analyze the C-UAS strategy and discuss potential SHORAD solutions
  • Learn about Next Generation IAMD Solutions like Directed Energy Systems
  • Collaborate with Government, Military, and Industry partners on applying Multi-Domain concepts to IAMD

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IAMD19 Executive Team

  • LTG Richard P. Formica, USA (Retired), Vice President, CALIBRE Systems and former CG, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Army
  • Shuki Hasson, Program Director, IDGA

2019 Speakers

  • The Honorable Dr. Michael D. Griffin, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, DoD
  • General James M. "Mike" Holmes, Commander, Air Combat Command USAF
  • Lieutenant General Marc H. Sasseville, Commander, Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region - 1st Air Force, USAF
  • Vice Admiral Ross A. Myers, Deputy Commander, US Cyber Command
  • Major General Sean Gainey, Deputy Director for Force Protection, J-8, US Joint Staff
  • Rear Admiral Tom Druggan, Program Executive, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense, Missile Defense Agency
  • Brigadier General Tom L. James, Director of Operations and Commander, Joint Task Force - Space Defense, US Space Command
  • Colonel Camilla White, Project Manager, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, Missile Defense Agency
  • Colonel Jennifer K. Reeves, 341st Missile Wing, USAF
  • Colonel Kareem P. Montague, Fires Division Chief Force Development, Army G-8
  • Colonel Tony Behrens, Director, TRADOC Capability Manager, Army Air & Missile Defense Command
  • Daryl Youngman, Deputy Director, Air and Missile Defense Cross Functional Team, US Army Futures Command
  • Paige Rumberg, N8/N9 Branch Head, IAMD Capability Development
  • LTC Philippe TAPREST, Artillery Capability Branch, doctrine for Air Defence, Airspace Control, Tactical Data Link, Counter-UAS, French Artillery School
  • Peter Woodmansee, Division Chief, Integrated Air & Missile Defense, HQ US European Command
  • Dr. Peter Huessy, Director of Strategic Deterrence Studies, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies
  • Dr. Thomas Karako, Senior Fellow in the International Security Program and Director of the Missile Defense Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Mike Stucki, Director of Business Development, Systel Inc.

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Integrated Air & Missile Defense Conference