Indra develops world's 1st simulator for H145 helicopter, that's already "flying" at the Airbus training center in Germany

September 25, 2017


Indra, in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, has developed the market's first Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for the H145 helicopter, which has obtained the highest qualification —Certification Specifications - Flight Simulation Training Devices (H) level D— for its great realism and training quality. This feature implies that one hour of training corresponds to one of hour of flight in the real helicopter.

Likewise, this simulator has become the first qualified at this level by Germany's Civil Aviation Authority (LBA), in accordance with the standards set forth by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The system is installed at the Airbus Helicopter pilot training academy in Donauwörth, Germany, near the factory where this leading aeronautical manufacturer develops the H145.

The level D qualification guarantees that the aircraft replicates, with absolute fidelity, the performance of the real helicopter, which translates into maximum-level training that reinforces safety of both pilots and the platform.

This enables, for example, pilots to complete the required adaptation course for flying a new aircraft model exclusively with the simulator, without practice flights with the real helicopter, a feature called Zero Flight Time that is only possible using level D simulators.

The scenarios it recreates also make it possible to offer training for any kind of mission, from search and rescue operations at sea to landings on oil platforms or ships, day or night, and in any weather. This results in better pilot preparation, faster training and lower related costs.

The H145 is one of the new multipurpose aircraft most sold worldwide to cover missions related with emergency management, medical services or passenger transport.

The broad penetration in the helicopter market represents a business opportunity for Indra as training system supplier.

In addition to the H145 simulator, Indra has previously implemented an EC135 helicopter simulator at the Donauwörth center. It has also delivered systems for other Airbus training centers in countries like the U.S. France, Scotland, China, Japan, Malaysia and Brazil. In addition to the H145 and EC135, it has developed simulators of other Airbus helicopters, like the H175, H225 and AS350.

Qualification of the H145 as a level D system bolsters Indra's portfolio of helicopter simulators, an industry in which it has positioned itself as one of the world's leading companies. Indra has supplied over 200 simulators of all types to fifty clients in 40 countries.

Source : Indra

Indra develops world's 1st simulator for H145 helicopter, that's already "flying" at the Airbus training center in Germany