Hensoldt Presents Further Developed Fully Autonomous Self-protection System MUSS 2.0

June 18, 2024


At EUROSATORY 2024, sensor solution provider HENSOLDT is presenting MUSS 2.0 (Multifunctional Self-Protection System), a further development in the field of vehicle-independent self-protection. The system represents the next generation of the existing MUSS, which has already been integrated into the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle more than 350 times. With MUSS 2.0, HENSOLDT now offers the latest generation of active protection systems (APS) for medium-weight armoured vehicles, self-propelled guns, artillery vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.

Compared to the previous version, MUSS 2.0 is characterised by less weight and a smaller silhouette while at the same time increasing its capabilities. The system consists of four passive sensor heads, each with a missile and laser warning sensor, a central unit, an advanced laser-based infrared jammer and a countermeasure unit for ejecting pyrotechnic decoys. The sensor network enables the system to detect threats such as wire- and laser-guided missiles (anti-tank guided missiles, or ATGMs for short) as well as tracer bullets, anti-tank missiles, muzzle flashes and fire from explosive projectiles (KE).

MUSS 2.0 is also capable of accurately detecting and classifying low-power lasers, such as those used in beam-riders and second-generation laser rangefinders. ATGMs in particular can be interfered with by the IR jammer and thus repelled. The data obtained by the system can be fed into the battle management system to better combat the threat. MUSS 2.0 can detect several threats at the same time, prioritise them according to their danger and combat them semi- or fully autonomously. The ability to customise the threat database ensures a continuous increase in combat effectiveness in order to be able to counter future threats. User-specific mission configurations and extensive data logging enable customisation to the respective battlefield.

“MUSS 2.0 offers improved and expanded sensor technology, significantly improved software and modern countermeasures,” says Jan Erbe, Head of Ground-based Systems at HENSOLDT. “In addition to soft-kill countermeasures against ATGM threats, the multi-level system also offers the option of integrating hard-kill effectors. MUSS 2.0 thus makes a critical contribution to protecting the armoured platform and its occupants.”

Source : Hensoldt

Hensoldt Presents Further Developed Fully Autonomous Self-protection System MUSS 2.0