GDMS Delivers 1,000th F-35 Nose Radome

July 10, 2024


On July 9, the General Dynamics Mission Systems Airborne Composites & Structures team in Marion, Va. recognized the delivery of the 1000th F-35 nose radome. The F-35 radomes are installed on airplanes belonging to the U.S Marines, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and a growing list of foreign military partners.

US Air Force F-35 Lightning II at Skyfest 2024 airshowThe radome is a critical component that enables the F-35 mission as a survivable and connected aircraft for global security in the 21st century. These radomes protect the airplane’s radar antennas while also enhancing its navigation and communications capabilities.

“Our team is very proud of the advanced design, manufacturing capability, and high-quality products built in Marion, Virginia. These radomes enable our nation’s and our allies’ aviators to achieve extraordinary levels of mission success,” said Laura Hooks, vice president and general manager at General Dynamics Mission Systems.

For the past 75 years, General Dynamics Mission Systems employees based in Marion have designed, produced, and tested over 65,000 radomes for more than 50 aircraft. As we celebrate the 1000th F-35 radome, General Dynamics Mission Systems reinforces its continuing commitment to our customers, the Marion team, and the local community in southwest Virginia.

Source : General Dynamics Mission Systems

GDMS Delivers 1,000th F-35 Nose Radome