Elbit Subsidiary Selected for US Army Multi-Domain User Sensor Architecture Prototype Project

December 02, 2019


Elbit Systems of America subsidiary, Kollsman, Inc., was awarded a Prototype Project (Agreement) via the Sensors Communications and Electronics Consortium (SCEC) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) held by SOSSEC, Inc. for the development of the Multi-Domain User Sensor Architecture (MDUSA) targeting system in support of the United States Army. The company's solution, will enable the dismounted soldier to prosecute targets with true handheld targeting, while increasing situational awareness in a small, lightweight, modular package.

"Our MDUSA prototype solution provides revolutionary advancements from current targeting products and equips U.S. Army Forward Observers with information needed to dominate the battlefield," said Ridge Sower, vice president of Ground Combat & Precision Targeting Solutions at Elbit Systems of America. "This next generation system performs in GPS-denied and other contested environments, offering increased situational awareness in all battlefield environments."

The MDUSA OTA prototype project consists of a handheld target locator module, a laser marker designator, precision azimuth and vertical angle module, tripod and additional cutting-edge technologies. This system improves target acquisition ranges, reduces time to acquisition and allows Forward Observers to adapt to new and unforeseen threats quickly. The system also aligns with the U.S. Army's modernization efforts by enhancing lethality effects from the sensor to the shooter.

Elbit Systems of America along with its subsidiary, Kollsman, Inc, are a leading supplier of lightweight targeting systems to the U.S. military, such as the Common Laser Range Finder – Integrated Capability (CLRF-IC) and the Next Generation Hand-Held Targeting System (NGHTS). These systems are designed and produced in Elbit Systems of America's electro-optics and targeting Center of Excellence in Merrimack, New Hampshire. The company has recently completed a significant expansion of capabilities and infrastructure at the facility including a substantial increase in the engineering workforce dedicated to these solutions.

Source : Elbit Systems Ltd.

Elbit Subsidiary Selected for US Army Multi-Domain User Sensor Architecture Prototype Project