China Reveals Unstoppable Hypersonic Weapons That Are a 'Death Sentence' for its Enemies

July 05, 2019


China reveals unstoppable hypersonic weapons that are a ‘death sentence’ for its enemies

China has given the world a chilling look at the advanced hypersonic weapons it would wield in any future conflict with the US or other rival nations.

The defence firm which builds war machines for the Chinese military released a sabre-rattling propaganda video which shows new missiles which are designed to bypass outdated defence systems and can carry nuclear weapons.

The film shows the hypersonic weapons being used to destroy enemy ships, bases and submarines. Beijing did not follow in the footsteps of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which issued a video last year showing nukes raining down on Florida.

Instead, it showed its weapons in a purely military capacity and did not show civilian targets being attacked.

In the People’s Republic, the website said the hypersonic missiles were a ‘death sentence’ for enemy ships.

It’s been suggested the weapon in the video is the Dongfeng-17, a ballistic missile equipped with a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV).

This untoppableble super nuke is said to be capable of achieving speeds of up to 7,680 miles per hour (12,360 kph) – or 10 times the speed of sound – while carrying a nuclear warhead.

The video was published by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) on Chinese social media last Friday.

The company is controlled by the government and is the main contractor building the country’s military missiles.

China recently carried out a missile test and described the mysterious object it launched as a ‘UFO’.

The People’s Liberation Army announced the test in a surprisingly light-hearted post on the social network Weibo.
It shared a picture of a missile launcher followed by well as a shot of a bright object in the twilight sky over the Bohai Sea.

Although the PLA did not identify the object, viewers speculated that it was a missile launched from a submarine.
Both posts featured the caption: ‘Do you believe in this world there are UFOs.’

Last year, images of a similar UFO over China were hailed as evidence the People’s Republic is testing a hypersonic aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The otherwise secretive test appeared to catch many residents off guard. They reportedly stared at the sky in amazement, often shouting: ‘What is that? What is that thing?’ according to local news services.

Source : Metro UK

China Reveals Unstoppable Hypersonic Weapons That Are a 'Death Sentence' for its Enemies