Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management Conference

January 04, 2018


Detect, Deter, Defeat: Preserving Decision-Making Advantage in the Information Age

NATO and its global partners and allies are preparing to gather once again for the annual Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management conference, one of the world's most prestigious strategic defence conferences.

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The 5th annual conference will be shaped around concepts such as multi-domain C2 and strategic deterrence, acknowledging that the current state of geopolitical entropy induced from both non-state actors and near-peer adversaries presents the airborne community with a broad and diverse range of new and enduring challenges and threats. Against this backdrop, information will be critical to maintaining decision-making dominance across multiple domains and, indeed, will play a significant factor in both strategic deterrence and engagement of our enemies.

As we look ahead to the next NATO Summit in the summer of 2018, the conference will ask how the alliance and its allies are developing a framework to confront these challenges, reshaping C2ISR CONOPS and maintain decision-making advantage in a complex world.

The 2018 Programme In Brief

  • The Character of War and The Threat of Technogical Parity
  • Capability Development and Acquisition for the Information Age
  • Skills Retention, Leadership and Cross-Domain R&D Partnerships
  • Operational Relevance and Future C2ISR Aircraft Missions
  • Vulnerability and Resilience in the Space and Cyber Domains
  • Multi-INT and Data Dominance

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Meet the Speakers

Conference Co-Chairmen

  • Mr Matt Roper, Chief, Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, NATO Communications and Information Agency
  • Wing Commander Keith Dear, DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford, RAF

Early Confirmed Speakers for 2018


  • Air Marshal Ahmar Shahzad, Chairman, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra, Pakistan Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Gina Grosso, Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services, Headquarters U.S. Air Force
  • Air Marshal Ricardo Cesar Mangrich, Commander, Operation Ostium, Brazilian Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Steven Shepro,21st Deputy Chairman, NATO Military Committee
  • Major General Yousef Al-Huneiti, Chief of the Air Staff, Jordanian Air Force
  • Air Vice Marshal Christina Elliot, Chief of Staff Personnel and Air Secretary, RAF
  • Air Commodore Ian Gale, Assistant Chief of Staff Capability Development C2ISR, Headquarters Air Command
  • Brigadier General Paul Nelson, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence, NATO Headquarters
  • Air Commodore Andrew Martin, Deputy Commander, NATO AEW&C Force
  • Brigadier General Andrew Croft, Deputy Commanding General – Air, Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command, Operation Inherent Resolve
  • Group General Emilio Avendano Garcia, Military and Air Attaché, Embassy of Mexico in the UK
  • Colonel Kenji Minami, Chief Planning Section, Weapon System Program Division, Air Staff Office, Japanese Ministry of Defense
  • Colonel Lorenzo “Che” Bradley, 460th Operations Group Commander, 460th Space Wing, USAF
  • Colonel Dr Jacques Raout, Director of the Air Force Research Center, French Air Force HQ
  • Colonel Sean Choquette, Commander, 505th Command and Control Wing, USAF
  • Colonel Christophe Fontaine, Chief, ISR Division, French Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Bart Hoeben, C4ISR/Head of Air Command & Control, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Murat Pinar, Intelligence Division, Turkish Air Force HQ
  • Lieutenant Colonel Peter Bernewasser, UAS Capability and Operations Commander, German Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nikolaos Oikonomakis, MBA Student, Maastricht University, Hellenic Air Force
  • Lieutenant Kirsty Skinner, Founder, British Army Intrapreneurs' Network (BrAIN)
  • François Rivasseau, Special Envoy for Space and Head of Security Policy and Space Division, European External Action Service
  • Dr Thomas Burns, Director, Strategic Technology Office, DARPA
  • Dr Christian Anrig, Deputy Director of Doctrine, Swiss Air Force
  • Dr Matti Saarelainen, Director, European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats
  • Neill Hunt, Co-Leader, Defense Entrepreneurs Forum UK

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Source : ASDEvents

Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management Conference