Future Artillery 2021 Virtual Conference

May 12, 2021


Taking Firepower Forward

We are delighted to be hosting Future Artillery Online for its second year - the virtual partner to the world's leading conference for the fires community.

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The annual Future Artillery conference is firmly placed in the calendars of the international Fires community, due to its long-standing commitment to providing a secure environment for experts from across government, military and industry to discuss shared challenges and solutions to them. During a time of reduced opportunities for travel and face-to-face encounters, Future Artillery will again host international artillery leadership to take part in meaningful engagements with meaningful outcomes, and facilitate the building of new relationships as well as the strengthening of old ones.

Recognising the role of artillery as one of the key enablers for combined arms manoeuvre, over three days we will discuss how the development of artillery through doctrine, training, capability development and operational lessons learned will equip us to meet the rapidly developing threats of the future. If recent conflicts around the world have shown us anything, it is that the importance of artillery and the wider Joint Fires enterprise will continue to be decisive. Not only this, but within the context of operations against a peer or near-peer adversary, dominance at range may be the critical factor and so one of the top priorities for military professionals today.

We look forward to seeing you online in May.

Topics of discussion to include:

  • Long-range precision fires
  • How future fires must evolve: CONOPS for the future fight against a peer adversary in a contested battlespace
  • Reducing digital signatures to increase protection and allow mobility
  • Next-generation munitions; MLRS, precision guidance and hypersonic weapons
  • Camouflage, Concealment and Deception in digitised battlespaces
  • Unmanned systems: advantages and threat assessments
  • The future capability balance: mass, precision, lethality
  • Agility and manoeuvre for self-propelled artillery systems
  • Training for joint fires operations in a multi-domain context
  • ISTAR capability development for the artillery force; situational awareness, target acquisition and damage assessment
  • Digitisation, network and cyber resilience


A high quality event with very qualified attendees which was very valuable and thought provoking.
Chief of Artillery, Czech Republic Army

Very valuable... it was extremely informative.
Commanding Officer, 10th Marine Regiment, United States Marine Corps

Great networking opportunity and useful for the learning of allied plans and capabilities.
Business Development, Orbital ATK

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2021 Speakers

  • Major General John Mead, Chief of Staff, NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
  • Brigadier General John Rafferty, Director, Long Range Precision Fires Cross Functional Team, US Army Futures Command
  • Brigadier Charlie Hewitt, Commander, 1st Artillery Brigade, British Army
  • Brigadier General Fabio Giambartolomei, Inspector of the Artillery Corps, Italian Army
  • Brigadier Richard Vagg, Commander, Royal Australian Artillery Regiment, Australian Army
  • Brigadier General Vicente Torres, Commanding Officer, Field Artillery Command, Spanish Army
  • Brigadier General Vincent Malone II, PEO, Armaments and Ammunition, US Army
  • Colonel Tony Phillips, Commandant, Royal School of Artillery, British Army
  • Colonel Daniel Miller, Commander, 41st Field Artillery Brigade, US Army Europe
  • Colonel Jan Cifka, Chief of Artillery, Czech Armed Forces
  • Colonel Sonny Hatton, Director Artillery, Royal Regiment Canadian Artillery, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel David Glendenning, Commanding Officer, 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Nygren, Commander, 91st Artillery Battalion, Swedish Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Grégoire Solioz, Deputy Commander, Trials and Training Support Command, Swiss Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Rêgo, Commander, Field Artillery Battalion, Mechanised Brigade, Portuguese Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Marko Leppänen, Commander, Land Warfare Centre, Finnish Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gelu Perju, Commander, 81st HIMARS Battalion, Romanian Land Forces
  • Ricky Hart, Principal Advisor for Land Weapons and Land Fires, DSTL
  • Confirmed representative, -, French Army

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Future Artillery 2021 Virtual Conference