Mr. Mark Jones

Mr. Mark Jones
  • Veteran Test Pilot
  • Avionics Expert
  • Systems Safety Expert
  • Aerospace and Statistics Degrees

Mark Jones has an extensive background in global aviation, flight test, avionics, and statistics as an an experimental test pilot with 2500 hours in over thirty different aircraft. He also has several years of leadership experience in aircraft and aircraft systems acquisition. Mark’s US Air Force career allowed him to participate in formal education in aerospace engineering, organizational
leadership, aircraft acquisition, and statistics. He was his organization’s chief C-17 test pilot when he left active duty.

As an acquisition professional, Mark was the team leader for over one hundred and fifty engineers, managers, pilots, and business professionals for two years and fifty acquisition projects.  Those projects ranged in scope and size from from simple avionics replacements to a massive effort to design, install, and test the world’s most technologically advanced formation flight avionics for transport aircraft.  That avionics acquisition culminated in a herculean, six month flight test program involving over $1.5 billion in aircraft, equipment, and personnel. Such experience has equipped him to understand several significant aviation markets.

Mark is an active member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, where he collaborates with aerospace design professionals from almost every major commercial aircraft company worldwide. He has participated in system and safety reviews of aircraft from Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier and in training test pilots from an even wider group.

With his leadership and acquistion background, Mark brings a unique aviation skill set.  He now consults for aerospace industry leaders, providing a blend of business, technical, and statistical insight. He also continues to fly turbine airplanes for the military, civilian charter operators and flight instruction companies.

Mark’s greatest joy is his wife of ten years and their four children. To keep up with them, he regularly runs half-marathons, tosses a baseball, and plays too hard on jungle gyms.