Mr. Hector Barrio

Mr. Hector Barrio
  • UAV Research Leader
  • Multiple Advance Degrees
  • Business Expert
  • Worked for EADS, ITP, INDRA and General Dynamics

Hector Barrio is a defense industry professional with 10+ years of experience in defense program developments. He earned both a BSc. and MSc. from St. Louis University in Missouri with honors and also an MBA from the prestigious Instituto de Empresa Business School in Madrid.

He has worked for European defense industry leaders as EADS, ITP, INDRA and General Dynamics European Land Systems both as employee and as a consultant in new project developments, contract management and research projects.

Hector has also been a college teacher since he obtained his Bachelor in Science, both in the main campus of St. Louis University and St. Louis University Madrid campus where he is leading a research project aimed at developing light UAVs for Improvised Explosive Device countering and industrial inspection applications along with the Spanish Ministry of Defense.
Hector has also participated in the research effort leading to a patent for special wind turbine blades that increase the energy output.

Hector has participated in the European Technology Acquisition Program (ETAP) as researcher in the UAV propulsion area. This research program is aimed at identifying and developing the technologies that will enable the next generation of UAVs. Hector was specifically involved in the operational area of the project, in charge of raising and proposing solutions to large scale operation of unmanned aircraft. This is the reason why the current report looks at the UAV industry from a market capability point of view: in Europe there is no need to procure a system that cannot be properly maintained in operation.

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