Mr. Dixon Bash

Mr. Dixon Bash
  • Air Power Expert
  • Veteran Fighter Pilot
  • Years of Work Experience in the Middle East
  • Advanced Academic Degrees

Dixon Bash is a retired US Air Force fighter pilot with over 5000 hours and 20+ years of total flying time, primarily in the O-2, AT-38, F-4, F-5 and A-10. He worked in the Middle East as flight instructor, training pilots from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Thailand, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan and Kenya. Dixon also held numerous joint assignments including two with the US Army. He served in Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Shield.

Dixon holds a BS degree from the US Air Force Academy and an MS degree from the University of California; he also graduated from the Air Command and Staff College, Army Command and General Staff College and the Air War College. Because of his vast joint experience, he was designated a Joint Specialty Officer – fighter pilot specific.

Mr. Bash is a member of the Tampa Bay Executive Forum and is a volunteer for SCORE – a government organization that assists start up businesses. He is married and has a son attending University of Florida.

Dixon’s brother is Lt. Gen. Brooks Bash, the Director for Logistics, US Joint Chiefs of Staff.