Mr. Debo Sarkar

Mr. Debo Sarkar
  • Smart Weapons, Defense, Aviation and Rocketry Expertise
  • Twin Commerce and Computer Science Degrees
  • Deloitte and Touche Veteran
  • Extensive Research Experience

Debo Sarkar is a veteran business analyst and consultant, with an extensive experience in program and project management, strategic management planning and policy analysis in the Defense sector.

Debo’s main areas of expertise span smart weapons, UAVs and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the defense sector.

Debo has extensively researched standoff missiles and Ballistic Missile Defense Systems, as well as 4th and 5th generation fighter aircrafts. He has monitored initiatives as they progressed through the Capability Approval and Acquisition Management Process , providing independent verification of critical acquisition decisions, advice, policy interpretation and program directives; he made recommendations on time-phased planning and resource management actions as they impact security cooperation programs and developed project charters, plans, schedules, and other project management support methodologies for high- visibility security projects.

Debo research and consulting engagements include collaboration about in Smart Weapons and UAVs with the Royal Air Force UK , North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and various defense contractors from US and Europe. His services have also been hired by media outlets in US , UK , Germany , Israel and India.

Debo holds a Bachelors in Commerce (Honours) and a Post Graduation in Computer Application and has worked as a Business Analyst with Deloitte and Touche and as a Senior Project Leader for WPP’s Kantar Group.