Mr. Antoine Martin

Mr. Antoine Martin
  • Combined Engineering, Consulting and Entrepreneurship Experience
  • Unmanned Surface and Undersea Expertise
  • Naval and Commercial Research Experience
  • Advanced Electronics and Ocean Engineering Degrees

Antoine Martin has an engineer’s training and an entrepreneur’s know-how.  He combines his extensive background in systems engineering and business development to help companies take the necessary steps to successfully enter the unmanned systems market.

Antoine’s engineering background includes designing an obstacle avoidance module for an autonomous underwater vehicle to testing design-to-manufacturing processes of embedded chips for high-speed telecommunications. He has two Master’s degrees under his belt, one in Electronics and another in Ocean Engineering. Examples of his work include research sponsored by a grant from the Office of Naval Research and product development for Intel.  Antoine also leverages his experience in mapping, remote sensing, and Lidar from maritime and aerial platforms to unmanned systems.

With his international background, engineering experience and business acumen, Antoine offers a unique skill-set.  Antoine earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship through an exhaustive mentoring program taught by serial entrepreneurs.  He wasted no time applying these tools to resolve the complex problems entrepreneurs and executives face every day. Currently he consults for small and mid-sized companies, assisting executives and founders facing growth challenges by crafting go-to-market strategies through business development and other targeted initiatives.

Maritime and Aerial Unmanned Systems are Antoine’s area of expertise. He has forged ongoing relationships throughout the industry’s value chain, ensuring a holistic understanding of how value is created to satisfy users’ needs. Antoine has been passionate about robotics since his childhood,   back to the days when he built tethered helicopters with Lego wings or attached a VHS camcorder onto his toy, remote-controlled car. Antoine strongly believes that the potential in unmanned applications is largely untapped.

Antoine brings to the table not only the invaluable ability to understand complex technological problems and create solutions but also how to integrate them into the Unmanned Systems industry through a successful market offering. Furthermore, Antoine can help companies reach beyond their borders to team up with partners overseas and help them understand the intricacies of a foreign market.

Hiking, biking and classical music are among Antoine’s many interests.  He is an avid traveler, often orchestrating adventures overseas or otherwise visiting his relatives back in France.  He has dabbled in photography and is particularly inspired by nature and wildlife.  His French background explains his love for gourmet food, 80’s music and sweaters.  He resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two small children.