Dr. Adam Chu

Dr. Adam Chu
  • Barrier penetration RF/lasers
  • Spacecraft and satellite design
  • Lighter-than-Air vehicles
  • Cancer eradication laser tools
  • Source Generated Electro Magnetic Pulse

Adam N. Chu has a Phd in Electrical Engineering

Has over 30 plus years experience in an array of scientific study and engineering for DoD and the defense industry.

Areas of expertise include satellite communications, novel phased array antenna designs; spacecraft/satellite design, orbital mechanics, signal analysis, systems engineering, multi-spectral imaging, radar, visible, infrared, data fusion, space control and applied cyber defense & offense methodologies and techniques, MILSATCOM, Space Superiority, MDA, stratospheric operations.

  • Inventor in the areas of barrier penetration RF/lasers, spacecraft and satellite design, Lighter-than-Air vehicles, cancer eradication laser tools, and Source Generated Electro Magnetic Pulse
  • Holds two full patents
  • Developed multiple patent-pendings in multi-disciplined technology areas
  • 2010 Inventor of the Year Finalist, Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation

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